Dalena Green – My best friend at the time screwed my boyfriend Ohio


So this is Dalena Green, the one on the right. I am writing this post more from a place of sadness than anger. It’s not about revenge for me, its legitimately warning others about her. I moved in with her in june of last year. We both were having financial issues having just ended relationships and decided it would help us both out. She began dating my other best friends boyfriend. I met a new guy I started dating and fell madly in love with. In a one month span she cheated on her boyfriend 6 times. I kept my mouth shut for awhile about it. But being that her boyfriends sister was also my best friend I eventually caved and told her boyfriends sister. Dalena had admitted she was just using him for money and this was already putting distance in our friendship. Anyways my boyfriend had also moved in with us so it was dalena her boyfriend me and my boyfriend living together. I warned my boyfriend she tends to sleep around a lot and seems to actually prefer to pursue involved men and not to put himself in risky situations with her. I also told my friend if I ever found out she so much as flirted with him I would raise hell. She began walking around the house in just a towel or a tank top and panties. We would argue over it a lot. Her bf couldnt stand it either. Well one day while I was at work she fuked my boyfriend. Now before you say anything, I held him equally responsible. He should have had self control and loved me enough not to do it. But he did come to me and confess it to me. She denied it for while before admitting to it. She said she wasn’t sorry. It’s clear it was payback for ratting her out for cheating. She then moved out I agreed to take over her lease then found out we were 2 months behind on rent and 3 months behind on electric because all the money i gave her for the Bill’s she used for personal use. I will never get over the betrayal she showed me. I just feel sorry for the couple she moved in with. A girlfriend of hers and that girls boyfriend. The day she moved she told me she thought he was hot. Would not be surprised if she fuked him too or at least tried to. She even slept with her baby daddy’s father and brother. She admitted it. The month before she moved out she got an abortion and admitted it was because she had no idea who the dad was. Her ex husband (not the baby daddy, a different guy) is remarried and she still fuks him too. She is bipolar and uses that as an excuse but I dont think it’s an excuse for the pain shes caused. It has taken months of hard work to repair my relationship with my boyfriend. Many dont agree with my decision to stay, but him coming clean on his own, being remorseful, and doing everything I asked of him is what helped us to rebuild. He willingly gives me 100% access to his phone, facebook, all other accounts. Answered all my questions. And reminds me whenever I’m feeling down or insecure that it’s not my fault. But I’m still heartbroken. The part that hurts worst is dalena was there through my previous relationship and its demise. I was in an abusive relationship it took me forever to leave. And my current boyfriend, we knew each other for 5 years through mutual friends and when we started dating we fell madly in love within weeks. We did move in together fast but it felt right. They slept together when we had been together less than 3 months. So she saw I finally got happy and set out to ruin it. She admitted she came onto him he said no twice and she pulled her pants down bent over and said put it in me. I get that he should have better will power but someone purposefully setting out to seduce someone like that is such a deeper betrayal at least to me. And she did all this while I helped take care of her 1 year old. Babysat at least 3 days a week for free while also taking care of my boyfriends 4 year old son and working full time. The tension between me and her forced me to have to get a new job (we worked together her as a nurse me as a nurse aide at hillspring in springboro). It was worth it to me to stay with my boyfriend because despite his infidelity we have an awesome relationship. He treats me with so much love and respect, he really takes care of me, we are best friends, nobody makes me laugh like he does. and we typically never fight. Discounting his infidelity maybe 3 fights in 9 months and they were mild. So it was worth it to stay hes the love of my life and people make mistakes. But this will forever hurt my heart, and the fact hes sorry but shes not is what really hurts most. She wont apologize. I just hope other girls keep their men far from her. In the 2 years we were friends the men I know of, she slept with about 4 dozen guys. At least. And for 1 of those years she was with her baby daddy still, and for the bulk of the second year she was with my other best friends brother. He stayed with her he flat out told me he cant leave no matter how many times she cheats cause he loves her. If mine cheats again ever I’ll force myself to walkaway. 1 chance is all he gets. I just think she should be held accountable and people should know what she is really like.. as I said shes the one on the RIGHT in the photo.

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