Dakota (Catherine) Moreno Arkansas Arkansas


This woman is the definition of a homewrecker. She use to date my now husband until he found out she was an x stripper…. While we were dating she kept trying to get in between our relationship and when she found out we were married she flipped out. She won’t get a job & can’t keep a job… she goes after younger men who are well off financially. Because she wants them to support her. My husband and her have been caught multiple times having conversations on text and Facebook that should not have happened. He tells her he’s happy but she doesn’t stop. Her own cousin’s wife called because she had slept with her own cousin for drugs and ruined his marriage to his wife. And the lady also contacted us to inform us that Dakota han STD that she can’t get rid of. 2 actually. I made my husband get checked and thank the Lord he was clean. || This woman is a pill poppin, dope fiend, drunk, worthless self and she starts stalking my husband and when he doesn’t show her the attention she desperately needs she tries to smooth her way in on a few ex ‘ s that are now married living lives of their own. Everyone has had to get numbers changed, new emails, block her on any social networking, etc she’s like the plague… her and my hubby have been caught messaging back and forth and sending pics etc talking on the downlow. But she is well over the age of knowing right from wrong and should have her shit together by now. Instead of being a groupie that f**ks or sucks for things she needs to survive. And a good ol fashion ass whooping to go with it. I’ve caught her several times in correspondence with my husband. Text, fb messaging, emailing, even trying to lie to his job to get personal contact information from his job. || She’s obviously got a lot of daddy issues. I want to warn the world of her because she doesn’t go away and is constantly in the picture. If it has a cock and cash she’s out to get them….No my husband is not innocent in any of this, but we are trying to work on fixing the issues of our marriage. This woman being number one on that list.

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By Ronald

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