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This young lady seduced my husband at his place of work. Knowing that he had a wife and two small children at home. She was engaged at the time. To a server IN the restaurant. || When I found hundreds of texts on my husbands phone bill from her I confronted her right away. She insisted that she could NEVER be more than just friends with him because her father cheated on her mother and she was very young and clearly was impacted by that event. || She lied. They had been messing around behind my and her fiances back for months. || She then proceeded to marry the poor guy only to confess her wrong doings AFTER they tied the knot I feel bad for him. That she would think so little of him to not even give him an out if he wanted it before the wedding. || I feel stuck. I have two small children with my husband and don’t want to wreck their whole world but at the same time have zero desire to be part of a”good wives club” || There is a tiny bit of solace that comes in posting this. More for the mere fact that I can feel vindicated over slandering her. || Thank you for existing. I hope this post can bring about a bit of healing for my heart.

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