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Complaint: We bought a 2005 Jeep Liberty Limited which is about $ 4,000 more expensive than the “Sport”” version. Salesperson at “”Airpark”” Chrysler Jeep confirmed that the car had leather from “”edge to edge”” and did not mention that Daimler Chrysler had downgraded the leather to just a few small parts. We believed the sales person

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Address: it is not easy to see that most of the parts are made of vinyl and we had inspected a 2004 model which still had real leather from edge to edge. After having bought the vehicle we first found out that the advertised fuel consumption of 17/ 22 mpg is not true

Website: was eliminated without giving notice to the buyer. The 2004 model still had it but probably too many customers were able to actually show the dealer that the car was burning more fuel than advertised. So they just took that function off. The first day we had the car at home we looked at it from underneath and saw that it already had rusty parts

Phone: actually it is about 4-4 miles lower than advertised. Most of the Liberty owners complain about it. The trip computer was also downgraded: the most important feature for us

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