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I unfortunately did not learn my lesson from dealing with I have ordered a custom ring that turned out horribly, it was not what I had requested, the “white gold”” rubbed off and they would not allow me to return it or exchange it. Like a dumb a*s I ordered a 14kt white gold wedding set and I had thought the 14kt white gold was real not only did the rings white gold rub off but one corroded after being in jewelry cleaner over night. When I recieved the set one on of the side stones had cracked I returned it for repair. When I got it back it was distorted and part of the band was missing. My husband tried to be nice and bought me a pair of “”platinum”” earrings. I thought he paid too much so I returned them. I never got a full refund. I did get a run around from everyone I spoke to there. They even pretended to be sympathetic. The office manager was always out and it got to the point that it wasn’t worth the time or energy anymore. I filed a report with the BBB but that was a few years later. They have them listed with an “”F”” rateing. nTinneilnSouth Dennis


617 South Olive Street Suite 200 Los Angeles, California U.S.A.

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By Ronald

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