Cynthia (Cindy) Whyman Batavia, New York New York


Oh, lay your eyes on this seemingly plain Jane- you would hardly be able to tell that this 30 year old single cat lady was up to no good. But, the most EVIL, disgusting, vile excuse of a supposed human lays under the unassuming, homely exterior. Even when she is employed in a position that includes TRUST, CLASS AND RESPONSIBILITY. Well, obviously her daddy got her the job at the supportive living rehab facility for recovering addicts and alcoholics! And how does she thank him? || It all started 14 long yet blissful years ago when I met my kids’ father. My oldest was just a baby at the time, but our love grew into a beautiful display of fidelity and commitment. He soon took over raising my son with me. The last almost decade and a half definitely had their fair share of trials and tribulations. Both of us had made mistakes. But, any time apart quickly brought us back together with the reminder that our love was growing up with us. We brought two more baby boys into the world and our family was a beautiful example of humility and the deepest of love.My man has Bipolar Disorder and had also developed an Alcohol addiction. These two problems can make a terrible combination. A few years ago he gave up the fight. He knew after an arrest and some jail time (through which I waited 110 per cent) that it was time to seek help. He promised the boys and I he would come back a better, happier DADDY. We promised to be supportive and he promised to get sober. || As he neared his release date from the supportive living facility, he started to get nervous. He had a habit of falling into old habits when big life pressures (good or bad) came about, as is the norm for alcoholics. Then one day I went to pick him up to move home…… || I was not expecting the news I would receive! He tearfully admitted the reason he had to leave the facility! Yes, not only had he relapsed (after OVER a year clean) but, he had been having sex with one of the counselors IN THE OFFICE OF THE REHAB TREATMENT FACILITY! I was shocked beyond belief! Sure I was angry with him! But, a COUNSELOR at a rehab is supposed to put the residents’ treatment and sobriety above ALL ELSE! How could this happen! Everyone knew how badly he wanted to get better for himself and his family. Even HER. And he felt victimized, for as he stated: if he was a female, and it was a male counselor….it would have a huge issue. But, how did all of it come out? Well, Cindy TOLD on him for his relapse (which made a lot more sense now that I knew the pressure she put on him) after he told her for the THIRD time that he did not want to change his plans of coming home to us. She went to her daddy, who also works there and my man was pulled into a Disciplinary hearing, where they told him not only would he not graduate the program- but his probation officer would be informed and he would most likely go back to jail! I was devastated. To go from an emotional high preparing for his long-sought return- to this! We made attempts to contact her so she could at least put a word in to get his sentenced reduced NO ANSWER! If she couldn’t have him to herself- then his boys and I would have to go without him, too! She only got fired WITH unemployment. In fact she NOW works with kids at the Blind School in Batavia, NY. Mothers watch your husbands and men around this snake of a so called woman! She won’t hesitate to use her job or position to get into their pants! And the more of a committed relationship they are in the better! She has daddy issues and shes NOT afraid to use them! This stinkin (he said so himself) whore prides herself on the thrill she gets from ripping men away from the innocents that love him. She read his file! She capitalized on every weakness, addiction, and disorder he has to somehow fill her no self esteem having ass full! Dirty whore should at least know her way around a man’s body….but no! She only talks like she does! Cant f**k for nothing. But to a sick man who has demons in him waiting to get out, she spoke their language. || I wish I could say that this story has a happy ending….but sadly it does NOT. He ended up doing a year and a half…again while I and the boys waited faithfully and anxiously to finally have our dad home. He came home and it was six months of pure bliss! He got a great job, and though life is hectic with three boys, I can honestly say we were still in love and so happy. But, then my man’s boss invited him over for a get together. At this get together there was alcohol. Not good. My man got drunk and dumb. He admitted later that he sent her ONE drunk text. (I did verify this later to be fact.) That was all it took! She started texting him every day, all day! She even started sending him videos! I also was able to look at these messages and prove that he asked her to STOP multiple times. She refused. She capitalized on me being a busy mom of three by telling him I didn’t give him enough attention. It was too easy for him to wallow in shame and fear of being found out about the texting and he again took up full time drinking for two weeks straight. Two weeks of hell. Where I did nothing but bitch to get him to realize we need him and love him…and she did nothing but flatter and remind him he could do what he wishes with Her. And, since she has no kids, real responsibility, or friends- she could give him the attention”HE DESERVED”. A man in the full throes of addiction is the most evil, self centered thing you could ever see. He left us three months ago. Of course he got caught drinking…so now she is playing”innocent faithful girl”and visiting him three times a week as the jail was a block from her house. She had her captive audience now. Until this week when I am finally going to take the boys to see THEIR dad whom they miss desperately. He had to literally BLOCK her from taking their designated visit! I am trying my best to learn how to begin again. I am not jealous of her, nor is my self esteem hurt. But, I am so hurt and disappointed that she was able to take advantage of a family man in recovery. I don’t think he loves her at all, but she was his ONLY choice- as I refused to even go see him for awhile while I have gotten some therapy and let this enormous shock of the (removed) of my family nest set in. He and I have just started talking again a few days ago. We love each other NO less than we ever did. We both know it is inevitable we will end up together again. Someday. But, he has quite a few issues to work out. And I will be DAMNED if I am gonna put my life on hold for those stinkin skanks. Say a prayer for my heart to heal and for my boys to know life is gonna be ok. || And don’t forget! Sometimes, even women who are nurses, counselors, doctors, clergy, etc….ARE STILL JUST DIRTY SCANDALOUS RATCHET ASS WHORES LIKE CINDY WHYMAN. My man is not the only PATIENT SHE SLEPT WITH EITHER! AND she was nice enough to give him chlamydia also!!!Do yourself a favor and fall in love with a man who isn’t one too, unlike me. My kids dad loves his ego more than US. Someday I AM Sure….he will see her for fully what she is….heck just today (and only our second day talking he has apologized wholly and admits he only kept her around because he truly thought I had left FOREVER. And honestly, being in jail – I can see the vulnerability….THAT she again took advantage of. She also went out of her way to make sure MY BOYS saw her notes saying she was his new gf! They are going through so much hurt and pain and anger. And I am doing it all on my own….while she tries to reap the benefits of just merely being a DEFAULT. After 14 years, 3 kids and holding him down faithfully I deserve SO much more! I don’t want to learn to move on, but sadly, it is hard to believe he will ever change. She can deal with that crap. If he ever ditches her (In front of me as a witness!) Maybe we will talk future. But, in the meantime while I work full time and raise these kids alone, she can keep up her charade. We reconnected as friends in love. Even if it doesn’t go further than that it is STILL more true love than she will EVER HAVE.

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