Cynthia Beil Gentry Missouri Review


A man named Matthew Anderson called me 11-30-09, offering a $200 Gift Certificate for WalMart if I would consider joining certain company services. He said my card would arrive within 3 days. It did not arrive. These companies were Home Protection, 8663185007; Discover Enterprises Gasoline 8665256608 and; Buyers Advantage 8005534948. He gave me verification numbers of sy22310; 20a1bd47 and 09201133534. He said the company was located in Phoenix, Az. My checking account was charged for $11.90 in the increments of 2 @ $1.00 and 2 @ $4.95.

4940 280th Street Gentry, Missouri United States of America


Department & Outlet Stores

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By Ronald

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