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I ordered furniture first week of Oct. It was supposed to arrive in 2 wks, however they did not bother shipping it out till more that 2 wks after I ordered it. It took about 4 wks to receive the furniture. Most of the pieces I ordered were OK, however, one of the file cabinets had a damaged drawere slide mechanism. I have requested a replacement. It is difficult to reach the customer service, but after several calls and holding on line for >30 each time I finally reached them. They agreed to ship me the damaged part. They sent me an email confirmation with a tracking number, which supposedly was from USPS. This was a sham. I called USPS as the tracking number would not track. USPS informed me that this was not their number as claimed by cymax. I called Cymax and they could not tell me what happen to may part. I still have not received it – almost 3 months after I placed the initial order. As a result I am unable to use the file cabinet. I called them multiple times since. Every time they ask me what part I am missing: seem not to have a very useful record of my previous call. Every time they are very polite and promise to check on this with the manufacturer. They promise to email me the updates: which they have not send. One rep even gave me his direct email to check with him personally. Another lie: he just ignored my emails. I’ve asked them to take back the filing cabinet but they charge 25% restocking fee. Second piece of furniture I ordered was a table, which on their website was photographed standing on 3 legs. They only sent me 2 legs. Needless to say the table will not stand alone. It has to be put together with another piece of furniture. They refused to send me the extra legs I have requested. Do not order from them. They are dishonest and don’t care about customers once they have your money.

12020 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 100 Reston, Virginia USA

866 740-9830

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