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I went to the CVS MinuteClinic today and felt totally ripped off. I arrived this morning at 11:00 and was 8th in line when I signed in. Including the provideru2019s 30 minute lunch break I was finally seen at about 2:45 PM. After a thorough exam I was told there was a chance that I may have pneumonia. I told the provider that I was not going to and emergency room. I have not experience any shortness of breath, weasing or any pneumonia symptoms. I asked for an antibiotic or something to help with the problems I did have and was refused. After speaking with the supervisor, it was confirmed that they would only refer me to a competent facility. It seems that a u201ccrackleu201d she heard when listening to my breathing was all it took to decide to do nothing. I assured them I did not intend to spend another 4 hours at urgent care today. I would not be able to see my family physician until Tuesday due to my work schedule. So, NOTHING. They did however see fit to charge me the $30.00 co pay. My advice is not waste your time and pay your co pay just to get referred to a REAL doctor. Please donu2019t let them waste your time and money.

4100 Carmel Road, Charlotte nc Charlotte, North Carolina USA

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