CVS Caremark Newburg Pennsylvania Review


When ordering a prescription through on 6/06/13, I incorrectly assumed that my CVS Caremark insurance information was on file because I deal with the local WalMart. I was charged $151.78 for a prescription that should have cost $62.64 through my CVS Caremark insurance. told me I would have to file through CVS Caremark to get the difference of $89.14. CVS Caremark would not give me anything because filed a claim through them. doesnu2019t even participate with CVS Caremark so there is NO WAY they could have filed a claim through them and were not reimbursed by CVS Caremark. CVS Caremark refuses to reimburse the difference of $62.64. CVS Caremark will do anything possible to not pay for prescriptions for paying customers.

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By Ronald

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