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My husband responded to a Work at Home ad for Mystery Shoppers / Secret Shoppers. The person or people behind this scheme trick people into depositing a fake cashiers check in the amount of $1400 into their bank account first. Then you are supposed to go to a Walmart, CVS, Kroger or 7 Eleven to purchase 2 money pak pins for $500 that are $4.95 each, your payment is $300, and after the purchase and your payment there is $80 left over; and in the bogus letter they send you there is a statement at the end that says they will contact you with information on what to do with the remaining $80. The company letterhead reads: Customer Service, Inc, with an adress of 603 Mayflower Drive, Greensboro, NC 27405, which is not the correct zip code for that address. I googled the address and checked the street view; and this address is a raggety looking house. The phone number that they tell you to text once you receive the cashiers check & instructions via UPS Next Day delivery, is 415.494.7769. This is a California number and when I called it, I learned it was a number they set up through Google. The email address they use to contact you is: (email address removed by admin) However, there is no phone number or website on the phony company letterhead. After searching the company, I found it didn’t even exist. I called the bank that the cashiers check was supposedly purchased at, which is First State Bank of the Florida Keys. The person I spoke with confirmed the check was fake, and told me they have had a lot of incidents with the fake checks. She stated someone has copied and falsified their cashiers checks; and she asked me to fax her a copy of the check and the letter. I started not to write this complaint; however, I know how hard people work for their money and do not deserve to be sucked into a scam like this. Those who have the audacity to prey on innocent people because they are too sorry to get a job need to be put under the jail.

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