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Complaint: Custom mechanical and sheet metal of baxter mn, 218-821-1068 I would say at first glance he seems nice enough and appears to be meticulous in his work, but after further inspection by other professionals there is a lot that is left lacking. He spews his type A personality all over the job complaining about every little thing searching for ways to up charge.I actually got a $350 bill because the mechanical room height was 5u2019 instead of 6u2019. His justification being I have to bend over more, when in fact he sat on a stool in this area and it posed no additional effort on his behalf. It was requested that he provide a proposal for heating and ac for an entire house, he then words his bid as “I will place 15 heat runs “” omitting areas of the house for no apparent reason. Then when you are more than half way through the job and he has not provided heat and A/C to every room he states u201cI bid 15 heat runsu201d and will then charge you exuberant fees to complete what should have been included to start. He will also try and charge you for extra materials for what should have been included stating I gave an u201cestimateu201d not a bid and estimates are subject to change. There are dozens of other reasons to stay away from this guy Damond Clanton is as shady as they come! He will evade questions and never provide a straight answer. Below is a portion of the correspondence that was initiated by me once he was terminated. And all he could ask is where is this coming from. u201cWhere is this all coming from? It is not an isolated instance there has been several red flags for me along the way. I will do my best to detail them for you. It initially started when you had an obvious objection to how the job was being run

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Address: you stated it was dirty and there were people in your way. From that point it felt as if you were trying to capitalize off of us as much as possible to offset your discontent. I have built two homes and you are the very first to have a problem with the way things are being run. Then you gave a bill for $350 because you felt the height of the basement was to low

Website: I have no idea why then tried to charge us to to add these items. you did eventually remove the fee

Phone: when you stood in the basement hole in september and were well aware of what the hight was going to be. A bill for this in my opinion is ridiculous and yet another example of you searching for ways to up charge us. Next you gave us bills for material overages pipe and insulation and tried to pass it off as you provided an u201cestimateu201d and estimates are subject to change. You are the only contractor to ever try and do this

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