Custom Climate Concepts (Sarasota) Nokomis Florida Review


STAY AWAY from these scammers. I called them out because our heat stopped working – no air at all coming thru the vents (February 10th, 2016). The salesman, Darrell (spelling?) was a total high pressure salesman. Luckily I have had a lot of experience with guys like this thru years of property management. After him telling me it would be $1,714 to repair partially, but $2289 to do it right AND informing me it was installed incorrectly – at which time I reminded him that HIS COMPANY INSTALLED IT 4 YEARS AGO. He then proceeded with the high pressure sales, attempted guilt trips if I didn’t have it done immediately, his caption phrase “My grandpa always taught me Money isn’t real . . . .”” Bottom line

I then called another company who repaired it for $225.00 I can’t stand people/companies who screw over people and I’m sure he/they do this multiple times a day. . . . . . I even paid them a $69 diagnostic fee.”

Sarasota, Florida USA


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By Ronald

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