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Steve and Jeanine Celayeta cleaned my carpets on or about 04-01-2015 and 04-15-2015. 04-01-2015 was the first time Steve and Jeanine came out, didn’t clean the closets at all, and seriously tore up the rug in two rooms. So bad was the carpet torn up in one room, that it will need to be replaced, even though the pile is virtually in new condition. | 04-10-2015 was the second time Steve and Jeane Celayeta came out, and they still left big piles of dirt in one bedroom, where they had previously ripped up the carpet. Now they refuse to come out and clean it again, without additional funds, citing that they would have had to be called within no less than seven days after doing the work, even though the room was completely vacant after they had left. After making a fuss, the cheapskate Steve offered me no more than $5.14 for the bedroom that he tore the rug up in, and was left filthy. | Steve and Jeanine had initially offered a warranty, citing that if someone else could get dirt out that they couldn’t, then they would refund your money, but the warranty is a fraud, and I never got reimbursed a penny. I ended up having Paul Hammel from Priceless Carpet cleaning redoe the bedroom that Steve and Jeanine had worked on, and it was a significant improvement. So where is my refund from Chemdry for all the damage and filthy carpet they left me? I have attached images of what the carpets looked like after the first time they came out, showing both dirty and a torn carpet. And also included images of dirt after the second time they came out. | My observations of Steve and Jeanine Celayeta is that they dont’ back their work, make false claims and offer false warranties, and will only spend two hours on you. If they can’t get the dirt out in two hours, they are gone, and so is your money. And in my case, so is the carpet. |


Name: Custom Chem-Dry

Country: United States

State: California

City: Crescent

Address: P.O. Box 793

Phone: 707-498-2584


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