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Please read the above review from 2015. I won’t waste time repeating what he reported, but my experience was unfortuantely very similar. I am a hotel owner that made the mistake of choosing Curve for our renovation. I actually waited to speak to the owner in person last month to inform him of our experience, before making our experience public. He said they would “make this right” and I haven’t heard from him since. Based on my experience, and what I have heard, I believe they prey on less sophisticated mom and pop operators, especially immigrant owners. | The attached photo says it all. When Monique Koudelka talks about the dumbest clients known to man, the only thing dumber is posting this openly on social media. The experience throughout our entire renovation was handled with this level of professionalism. The designers are typically hostile towards customers, and backed up by Mickey Sidhu who is in charge of customer relations. In this case, customer relations included multiple calls where we were subjected to cursing, profanity, and name-calling. He has serious anger issues and needs professional help. | I would urge anyone on a tight budget or timeframe to steer clear from this company, especially since there are so many reputable companies around. We made a mistake picking these guys, and by the time we found out, the project was too far along for us to change course. Adding insult to injury, we are three years out from the renovation and have already replace a significant amount of our furniture due to shoddy workmanship. They even skipped the stain guard on ALL of our furniture. We had to have it independently tested by a lab to confirm, because they denied all and refused to replace the furniture in question. I hope we can prevent some other owner or project manager from having the same experience and loss of time and money.


Name: Curve Hospitality

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Houston

Address: 3455 S Dairy Ashford Rd #180

Phone: 1 281-619-1800


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