CurlMix, Inc. Review


I ordered 2 products from this company. | They did not work for me. | I paid for the costs of the products and shipping fee of 7.99. A total of 44.79 | I contacted the compay to return their products (which is a money back GUARANTEE). | So I paid 36.80 PLUS 7.99 s/h. FINE. | But to return the products, I paid 9.92 to return on my own ( no label was sent or provided) | When the recieved the products back, a fee of 7.99 was charged again (deducted from refund) | So they collected 7.99 again. FOR WHAT? | I contacted them several times. Each time it was a repeat of the same excuse or line, | We do collect the return 7.99 even if I paid to return it on my own!! | After the last denial of a refund, I gave up! | It was clear that they would not refund the 7.99. | It’s a small fee of course, BUT THAT’S NOT THE ISSUE AND IT DOESN’T MAKE IT RIGHT. | I work hard for my money and don’t relish just giving it away to some company. | BUYER BEWARE!


Name: CurlMix, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Illinois

City: Chicago

Address: 325 N. Hoyne Ave. Unit C318.



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By Ronald

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