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Complaint: I hired Casey – CTV3 Enterpirse to repair my house. Porch: He reused old risers. The top step had a 1.8 inch gap with was back filled with gray caulk. He reused old brick and tuck pointed it with gray mortar. Tuck pointing was sloppy and did not match old brick. The porch leaks severly. I made him come back to repair it, only to be even more disappointed. He said it may have to be repaied in another 5 years. He said he should have used new brick. Then he offered to put water sealent on the outside which would have to be touched up yearly. Underneath the porch is falling apart. It is now a saftey concern. I do not trust him to come back and repair it. Sidewalk: The sidewalk is slopped poorly and did not match up to the porch steps. It was back filled with grout to fill the gaps. It looks horrible. Chimny He did not install a cap nor drip edge. It need to be redone. He broke my 1800 century clay pot flu worth $300. He told me he would do the work. He had an 18 year old kid working the project which took from April to August to complete with disatifaction. The porch is unsafe and unattractive.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 1705 E. Harry Ave Hazel Park, , Michigan USA

Website: www.ctv3enterprises.com/

Phone: (248) 906-CTV3

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By Ronald

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