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I decided to use CT Direct in August, 2010 since I ordered from them before and everything was fine. Unfortunately, I cant say my second experience has been the same. On 8.19.10 I paid $32,000 (money I worked very hard for) to CT Direct for chiavari chairs, folding chairs and misc inventory. I expected based on the invoice and discussions with Larry Hoffman that I would receive delivery in 7 days because according him they were sitting in his warehouse. What I have experienced over the last 20+ months has been nothing but hell. Everything you are reading from other people is true. I did receive 145 white folding chairs and 6 tables. And then got a lot of bogus shipping information, emails, promises and unanswered phone calls from Larry Hoffman. After 2 months, I reported him to the BBB, he lied to them by saying he was working with me to get my merchandise. I reported him again to the BBB and he did not respond. Unfortunately for me, when I checked him out on the BBB his rating was good and when I checked him out on Rip Off I could not find him. I hired an attorney, who wrote him a letter gave him time to comply; he agreed to have my merchandise in 10 days. 10 days came and went. I reported him the California Attorney Generals Officehe lied to them. Hired another attorney and Larry continued to lie. We finally went to mediation and came to an agreement. Larry has paid one payment of $4000. This was March of this year. By the way, Mr. Hoffman does not dispute the fact that he owes me money. In all my 30+ years in business I have never encountered a more despicable human being to rob and steal from people. I fully believe he took my money will the intent of defrauding me. I have no idea how he can sleep at night after reading all these complaints against him. If you are reading this and one of those unfortunate people that he ripped ofcall the IRS, FBI, your local news station and papers. I believe that what Mr. Hoffman is doing is internet fraud. He needs to be stopped he is a scam artist and knows the system very well. If you are thinking of using him because his prices are a little less money, stay away, its not worth what you have to go through. Its not a win, win for you, its only a win for him, he will take your money and you will never get it back or have to go through hell to get it back and never get your merchandise. Stay away from CT Direct Inc. and Larry Hoffman.

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