Crystal Ware Lufkin, Texas Texas


On March 17 of 2015 I found out that my husband was talking to Crystal. I’ve been asked him if he was talking to her or seen her, after I noticed that she commented on one of his Facebook photos. And it got me suspicious. || I left the topic alone until I saw that he shared one of her photos at 1:30 in the morning on April 6, 2015. I brought the top it back up, and then I asked him one more time are you sure you’re not talking to this girl Crystal or seen her? || After I emailed her on Facebook on April 6, 2015, asking her what type of relationship she had with my husband, she replied that they were only friends but; she decided to have an inappropriate friendship with my husband that was resulting in an affair. || Crystal Crystal did not respond to my email until April 18 of 2015. || On April 19 I recorded the conversation you were my husband and I were speaking and he admitted to having sex with her outside of his truck The day after he came to see me when I was lying in bed with a kidney infection. || Now this whore believes that she wants to have a relationship with my husband and take my husband from me.

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By Ronald

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