Crystal Medley Bridgeport, Connecticut Connecticut


Crystal is the definition of a homewrecker. She began sleeping with my husband knowing he was married about a year. I found out because she and I had mutual friends and she would post pictures of him and her on instagram and put captions like”don’t make me tag wifey” and”I’ll send him home in the morning”. The pictures she put up are still on the internet and she refuses to remove them. He would sneak around with her while I was out of town for work. Besides my husband there were pictures of other guys all of which had girlfriend that she would randomly post. To make matters worse we had just celebrated our anniversary and were preparing for christmas when i first found out. || Fast forward to the present. My husband are still having issues because of her even though he cut her off once I found out. We have children together and she thinks it’s funny that she has caused so many issues. I spoke to her on the phone to confront her about the post she put on instagram and she laughed and stated”you mad cuz I’m nasty and your man like it” and”you should learn how to ride it better”…. || If you’re anywhere near CT watch out for this girl; she takes pride in sleep in with married men.

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By Ronald

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