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I’m a first time wife only because I wanted to wait for Mr.Right! I thought I found him. I met him 12 years ago through a mutual friend and didn’t start dating him until 6 yrs ago after we got back in contact after 6 yrs. We got married August 10, 2013 on Madeira Beach, Florida. It was a Beautiful day and beautiful ceremony shared with our family and closest friends. || Well my dream marriage turned into a joke on May 14, 2014. My husbands daughter’s mother told me they had been sleeping together since December 13, 2013. He was faithful for a whole whopping 4 months of our marriage. I felt like the biggest idiot because I tried to be friends with her and do things for her behind my husbands back (financially and in support of helping her out). She was friends with me on Facebook and Instagram and sometimes complained I posted too much about her daughter and was crossing the line as trying be her mother or something like that, When the whole time she was crossing the line in my marriage and I had no clue! Now I know why she had so much control of what he did and how he acted a lot of the times. It was because she threatened to tell me about their affair and he would end up doing whatever she wanted him to (including under minding me as his wife). || Now I look back and see how dumb I looked to her when I posted things like”I have the best husband ever!” or when we went and did things and took pics together. I can see her sitting back laughing saying”Ya if you only knew!”. Long story short he cheated on me with his daughter’s mother because I wasn’t giving him enough”SEX”! SO he went to her and she went along with the affair so neither one is innocent at all. Me and my husband have decided to stay together and try to work on our marriage and I’m hoping it’s not in vain. The communication between his daughter’s mother and him has came to a”Need to talk only if necessary” and it’s only through text messaging and he sends me screenshots of every message.

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