CryptoFinanceLimited Review: A FINMA Blacklisted Platform


FINMA has issued a warning regarding CryptoFinanceLimited. The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority puts this platform at high risk. There’s a good reason why FINMA warns investors from depositing with Crypto Finance Limited. Complaints regarding blocking withdrawals are what led to an official investigation. Most of the members can’t gain access to funds from their accounts. The platform has been targeting European investors for a while. Here’s a closer look through our detailed and transparent CRYPTOFINANCELIMITED Review.

Safety should be a priority when you decide to invest in any online platform. You should do due diligence and find the most reliable platforms for investing. And this is why we have come up with a list of proven platforms to engage in. Experts and the trading community have backed these platforms. Investors are now turning to coin staking, DeFi, and Masternoding as means of earning returns.

A Closer look at CryptoFinanceLimited

CryptoFinanceLimited Review

The company claims to reside in Switzerland, with its founding date listed as the year 2013. According to the about us page, the platform was founded by a team of crypto mining experts. There’s no information relaying who these members are.

Other mentioned experts include business analysts, economists, and stockbrokers. The reason they fail to disclose the names of founding members remains a mystery. And this is why we have to expose the anonymous nature of Crypto Finance Limited.

Their main focus is the European market scene and the Asian market. The platform claims to provide sufficiently and a fluid way of making high returns. How they manage to achieve such a feat remains unknown.

What we noticed is the use of industry jargon to try and show a professional investment look. Despite this, the platform already faces backlash from the very jurisdiction they reside in. And this puts a question mark on their entire platform.

Accounts and plans CryptoFinanceLimited

CryptoFinanceLimited offers two account types. The two include the Starter plan and the Executive plan. Both of the platforms come with a guaranteed profit return at a percentage.

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Starter Plan

To get this account, you have to inject a starting capital of $100, the minimum deposit. According to the platform, the account is merely designed to create trust between investors and the platform.

There’s a 2 percent daily ROI for 10 days, after which members can withdraw funds. This means once you deposit $100, you can expect to withdraw $120 after 10 days.

Executive plan

With the executive plan, the deposit amount is set a bit higher. To start using this plan, you have to make a minimum deposit of $100,000. According to the platform, this plan was designed to earn high profits.

CryptoFinanceLimited Accounts and Plans

There’s a 10 percent daily ROI for 10 days. In short, you earn 100% ROI in 10 days; that’s the exact amount you deposit. And this, of course, is a lie as no investment platform can achieve this ROI.

The platform does not have a maximum cap which allows them to deceive institutional clients.

Account opening procedure

When opening an account with a blacklisted platform, you need to be extra vigilant. The platform will make it easy for you to open an account. They will even throw in a bonus for depositing funds.

The process involves filling in your address, contact, and personal information. Once you open an account, you can start depositing funds.

Account verification is only done when withdrawing funds. Instead of verifying the account once you sign up, they wait until you send a withdrawal request. And this is when all hell breaks loose.

The platform will demand important documents from you, including a copy of your ID. Other documents for verification include bank statements and credit card information. And this is where we draw the line with their verification process.

There are other ways of verifying accounts, such as sending emails with verification links. You can also receive an SMS code as verification. John Bryson, a cyber-expert, warns the platform could be harvesting banking information from clients.

Affiliates and referral commission

When you become their brand ambassador, the platform promises a commission. For every investor you direct to the platform, you get 20 and 50 percent commission. The commission percentage depends on the accounts the referred party uses.

There’s no need to sign up for their affiliate program as the platform doesn’t release commissions. Most affiliates are planning to blacklist the company for failing to release commissions.

The other side of the coin is having to face complaints from victims. Most of the victims point the finger at these affiliates for directing them to a crypto investment scam.

Client Testimonials

Crypto Finance Limited Real Client Testimonials

From Trustpilot, we can see the pain members have been facing in the hands of Crypto Finance Limited. Nicol Mani and Sardor are some of the investors facing a hard time trying to withdraw funds.

After sending a withdrawal request, the company blocked Sardor’s profile. It seems the platform has deleted his login credentials. Nicol has been receiving calls urging her to deposit more funds. Support claims the more she deposits, the higher her chances of earning high returns.

And this begs the question, why insist on providing ROIs for each account? These are some of the red flags you might miss in case you fail to conduct due diligence.

CryptoFinanceLimited License and Registration

As we have already indicated, FINMA has issued a warning over the use of CryptoFinanceLimited. Those who sign up from today’s henceforth will likely lose all their hard-earned money.

When a regulator issues a warning, it’s because they have been receiving complaints from investors. To keep the European investment market safe, such platforms must be exposed. And this is why regulators are in play to protect investors. FINMA Warning

Deposit and withdrawal methods

From what we can see, the platform only allows Bitcoin as a medium of exchange. And this poses a huge risk for investors as the platform offers no security. Despite laying claim of having DDoS protection, it’s not the case.

When transacting, the platform will leave you vulnerable to third-party attacks. The platform claims to offer fast withdrawals, which are far from the truth. There’s no mention of when members will receive funds after sending the withdrawal request.

Support and staff members

The platform has a chatbot that works as their support. It only answers specific questions. On their contact page, you can only leave your email and name and expect a response. Kim was our designated support agent.

Response from the live chat is quick, and the waiting time does not exceed five minutes. With the platform already blacklisted, there’s no need to interact.

Safety of funds with CryptoFinanceLimited

After a regulator blacklists an investment platform, the safety of funds is out of the picture. Most regulators also factor in how the platform safeguards investors. CryptoFinanceLimited does not offer a safety net to investors.

Payment Methods CryptoFinanceLimited

It would help if you stayed away from blacklisted entities as they pose more danger. Investors end up losing money and their bank details. It would be best if you were extra careful with online investment platforms. Make sure to check with authorities first to determine their credibility.


After seeing all the facts and considering the warning, we will add Crypto Finance Limited to our blacklist.

The best way to invest is using proven and transparent investment platforms.

Feel free to leave a comment or email us with any questions.

Are funds safe with Crypto Finance Limited

No, the platform is blacklisted by FINMA

Can I withdraw funds once I deposit with

It’s not possible, and no one has made any withdrawals.

Can I contact support directly?

Live chat offers quick feedback

What’s the best way to invest?

Take a look at these proven ways of earning realistic profit margins

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