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Complaint: Crumbs couture cupcakes is unbelievable! I ordered cupcakes for my son’s graduation party and in one of them he found a dead moth…when I complained to this wretched company they called me ‘childish’ and accused me of putting the moth in there myself! The so called cupcaker called Harri then said I should be ashamed of myself as a fellow Sikh and that my wife must be a pathetic woman to put up with me. I’m disgusted and will not stop here to seek an apology for their behaviour in the whole matter…..every insult they have fired me will come back to them 10 fold and the whole world will know what an evil woman she is until she learns her lesson. This is’nt stopping now, she has no idea who she has insulted…but she will learn with each lesson. I feel ashamed Harri are a Sikh woman, you bring us dishonour..

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Address: Internet United States of America


Phone: 0754 556 2617

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By Ronald

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