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I was in a desperate situation to find employment. I came across a company named Crossmark for product demonstrator. The website, HR, paperwork and everything else seem legit except when I tried to reach technical service because of the inability to log into the portal for employee registration purposes. I kept being routed to different help numbers that didn’t make sense. Their tone of voice sounded very dubious as if it was being camouflage. Everyone in HR sounded off (very unprofessional), not the typical American voice. They sounded tired, with off accents, an attitude as if they didn’t want to be reached or wanted to help and not to contact them. I forwarded my bank account number, social security card, driver’s license, and the info. was scanned via PDF file. Therefore, they have an accurate picture off me and information. I was in such a desperate situation that I didn’t see it coming and built a blind wall. I doubt very much if they used their real name. All names were American, but didn’t match their profile according to their voice. The damage is done is now I’m going to have to change all my information. There has to be a better way to place a stop to this. Hopefully the damage is not permanent.

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By Ronald

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