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Complaint: I purchased a 2003 volkswagen from Christopher motors with the expectation that the car would work properly. The dealer lead me to be Believe The car was in good condition and said it doesn’t have any problems.Within the same day my headlights went out and the car had a cold start. II brought the car back to the dealer and was told the problem would be fixed but I’d have to leave the car over night because they only had one mechanic on site. When I picked up the car it rain fine for that day. But days after that the car started to have a cold start all over again. It became so bad that i had to wait 30 min for the car to warm up.I was frustrated and annoyed so i brought the car back, The dealer once again assured me this wasn’t a major problem and that cold starts was normal for my type of car. Since i was inexperienced and that was my first car I believed him And continued to drive the car with a cold start.Later on the check engine light came on. So i called the shop. They said to bring it in and they would take a look at it for me. So I did with hope that my issue would be resolved. When I came for the car the check engine light was no longer on. Five days later one morning on my way to work the check engine light came on again. But because I had work I didn’t fuss about it. That same day while driving home from work the car completely shut off on me. Frantic and scared I called the dealer and again they said to bring the car in and they’ll take a look at it but because of only have 1 mechanic I’d have to leave the car a few days. So I did. But the problem was never fixed.The last time I brought the car back about the same complaints the dealer said it’s the weekend and that his mechanic would be working on his boat. So I should come back sometime next week. Because he was so polite about it I left. My headlight went out again and because of constantly having to drive back and forth I paid out of my own pocket to have a mechanic fix near home my fix it.Two weeks later I’d received a letter in the mail from motor vehicle stating that I must surrender my plates and registration for 65 days. So I parked my car up for 2 months. And i would started the car once a week to keep the engine running. The check engine light was still onFinally, after my suspension extension was up. I immediately contacted the dealer ship once again about the cool start the check engine light and the thermostat light. He said don’t worry the problems are probably minor and that he would take care of I was driving to work my thermostat went crazy. The car became extremely hot. So I pulled over to a near by gas station b/c the car started smoking beneath the hood. Luckily there was a auto repair shop across from the gas station so a mechanic was able to look at it and found that the one of the holes connect to the engine was hard, cracked and corroded.At this point i had enough So i called the dealership, hoping they wouldn’t give the run around once again. They said tow the car to them and they would take care of it. After keeping the car for 2 days they said that they cant help me b/c my warranty was up. So issues my problem.Now I’m stuck with a defective vehicle I’ve only been driving for few months. I feel that I was taken advantage of and that if they had addressed the minor issues earlier The problem would not have escalated to this.I don’t care for any endorsements I just want a working car. That’s all. Please helpRena (((REDACTED))) CLICK here to see why Ripoff Scams, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.

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Address: 8805 Atlantic ave Jamaica, New York United States of America


Phone: 7184410004

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