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I’ve been married to my husband for 14 yrs now. In 2008 his youngest brother died at 22 yrs old. This whore took advantage of the situation. First she and my husband are ex’s she has been involved in all his relationships as a whore. So she showed up at the wake first wasn’t told was seen talking to my husband but stopped when I approached. I had no idea who she was. || On Dec. 10, 2008 there was a benefit I couldn’t go to, I was at home with our kids. My husband lied about no babysitter. She was with her husband there and left her number under his beer. From my home he called her to thank her for showing up, unknown by me. Then his mother kept calling to it was decided he should go stay with her to help her 15 miles away. Visits got fewer, calls stopped his nephew called me on my husbands birthday a day me and our kids made him dinner and a cake. He changed his mind and didn’t come home. I got a call from the nephew saying he’s been with Crissie. I called around finally finding out he’s at the bar with her. He convinced me his nephew was just lying. || Well his family his the affair and when he finally took our kids for a weekend he had her around them making them lie for him until my son told the truth and his family called them liars. After confronting him all truth came out and she still wanted him and tried 4 times to get pregnant. Now she’s getting divorced and I’m not feeling so secure.

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By Ronald

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