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Anghela/Anzhela Shurina claims to be an expert in Health and Wellnes as now also new in the chocolate manufacteure and writing/blog. | In 2015 I hired her to help me get back into shape and invited her to Bali. She could stay in my guest room as she claimed to have no money at all and that her father was sick with cancer back in Russia. Her Family has no money at all or credit card etc. The first day I shoewed her the gym I was training in and she advised me to change the gym as it was to far away from my house. She wanted me to enroll her and me at the former Canggu Club gym, that was more then tripple the price. I declined that request. Where she then suggested we train at the beach. At the same time she enrolled at Canggu Club gym. After just one day it was clear that we can not continue this deal. Even do she stayed at the same house, she would show up 3 hours to late for the training, claiming she got lost with the motorbike. | And that she did not think about to call me and advise me or ask me for help how to find the house. Also with the first salary she immidiately did buy a new laptop and cell phone. I did let her know its better she goes back to Kuala Lumpur. She then started to cry and claim that she has no where to go, no money. I agreed, she can stay at the guest house for free so she can get her life together. At Valantiens day, she actually showed the first time some gratitude and gave me a box of chocolate in a heart shape. I am mentioning this, because soon later, she ate all the chocolate by herself and just left the empty papers in the box. Just to show you her true character. | Anyway, shortely after that, I had to go for three weeks on duty. She did stay at my home. I arrived one week prior scheduled back home and noticed immidiately, that my EOS 7D camera was missing. I asked her if she did see my camera or had it. She declined and advised, or better, she blamed my housemad. When I asked my hosemad, she just told me to ask Anzhela as many things went on when I was gone. Again she declined having seen my camera. When I finaly contacted the police, she admitted, that she took the camera to make some pictures at a concert she went to. She then forgot the camera in the taxi. I was surprised at this statement. Just a week prior she contacted me asking me to send her money for the electricity at my home (pre-paid) as she had no money. Now she has money to go to a concert and even pay the taxi. When I asked her, what taxi she used and at what day, she could not answer any of the question, not even what concert and where the concert was. I then contacted all the taxi companies in Bali. But nobody did pick her up or did find a camera in the taxi. Usually in Bali if you let anything in the taxi they will return it. I ones left my Ipad and it was recovered. Even the police contacted all taxi companies and opend a investigation. I then gave her passport to the police. Anzhela then agreed to sign a contract that she did steel the camera and that she will pay me the money back. She asked for 350 dollars to organise phone calls to the US etc to get the money from the clients who still owe her lots of money. There was also a client in NYC who owned her several hundrets of dollar for her couching. | Not only was my camera missing, also more then 4 kilo chocolate that I prepared prior departure was gone. As I have my own chocolate company since 2014 in Bali, where I create and manufacteur high class chocolate and also HER FAMOUS FITNESS CHOCOLATE. She claimed she did eat all of the chocolate as she was hungry and had no money. But then again, can go to a concert and pay entrance, taxi and so on? The total worth of the chocolate she did eat or steel was over 200 dollars. When she was in Bali, she claimed to be a fitnes model, computer specialist and author. She only would drink the most expensive raw shakes available as she wanted to get 400 years old. But fact was and is, she did eat 4 Kilo of chocolate in less then 3 weeks and I did hear her many times through up in the bathroom. Her slim body has little to nothing to do withtraining.. After she signed the contract she got her passport back. | The next day, when I went for shopping, she did run or better say, did fly away. She claime to got a new job suprisingly and now had to go. The client paid her ticket. But she will shortley pay me the money back. It was then, when I realised she also copied all my chocolate recipies including the fit chocolate she produces now in NYC claiming its her idea. Good for me, that I registered my brand and so on prior her arrival. | You ask yourself how she got the money for a ticket to leave Bali prior court. Well, the police found in my trash a paper with a credit card number, expiry date and security code, that was registered to her sister or mother. And she tells everybody her family is poor and has no money at all. A other lie as you can see. | I filled charges and Anzhela Shurina or Anghela was found guilty at the court of law, got a sentance of two years and has to pay me a total of 7000 dollars. As not suprisingly she did not show up twice for the court. Therefore they issued a arrest warrent against her. She was informed about the sentance before she moved to NYC. I am suprised that she actually got a resident permit as a fugitive. | You will see on this plattform and on others, that there are also other man who gave her money and never got it back. There is even one gentleman who paid all her hospital bills when she had a horrible accident in Bangkok. She was his girlfriend after that exactely as long she needed him and his money to get well. As soon she got well, she run away from him when he as at work and went to Kuala Lumpur. | She is a liar and a fraud. Please watch out. She has no idea about computer etc. All this fit girl image is made by herself. Even the photographer in Dubai that I contactd told me, that she never had a contract with anybody. She paid herself for the pictures taken by him. She is no fitnessmodel or any other model. She is not even a chocolatier, she never finished any education that allows her actually to produce any chocolate or sell it. | Please be aware, she is a dangerous fraud. Law inforcement in Thailand, Indonesia and I am sure other asian countrys are looking for her. If you meet her, dont listen and just run away. They are many better and greater business woman and real fintessmodel, Author or even chocolatier out there who would love to meet you. | Please share this with everybody you know. I do have the contract signed by her and other documents even the confession that she signed of steeling my camera. I am more then happy to send this documents to everybody out there. Its time to stop her and her clean image. She is a convicted felon and liar big time. | Thanks


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