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Received a voice message on my cell from a person by the name of Robert Williams from CRA. His message was very stern and was demanding a return call immediately and to take this message seriously.I returned the call to the number left on the message. It was answered by a person by the name of Officer John Smith, who happened to have an Indian accent. Not to make sweeping assumptions. He advised me that I was being accused of tax fraud for the period of time between 2010 and 2014 in the total amount of $3452. He read me the legal affidavit and advised that the call would be recorded.I was in complete disbelief and surprised at the severity of his tone considering this was the first I had heard of this. This was the first I have heard of any unpaid amounts or monies owed to CRA and I offered to have them speak with my accountant, which he refused.On several occasions I asked for confirmation that in fact I was the correct person he was speaking to. He would not confirm anything with me and threatened to send the authorities to arrest me if I wasn’t willing to deal with the outstanding debt. He also responded by saying Mr. Robert Williams (the original person who left the message) would not make a mistake and that I was wasting his time denying my guilt. He also reinforced that I was defrauding the government and I was one of 15,000 other people they are contacting, but because I had a clean record that he was giving me this phone call to try and resolve matters.I advised him that I work for the government (which I do) and why would I want to defraud them. He asked me where I worked, which I didn’t tell him. I indicated that if he was from CRA, he should have a record of who I was and where I worked. Furthermore, I indicated that if he were going to arrest me and send the authorities, how would he know where to send them. He subsequently hung up the phone.

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By Ronald

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