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Complaint: I have had a run in with Texas CPS (Wichita Falls) back in 2005, They removed my 2 kids and I followed all their orders as pertained to get my children back. They took them away at a hospital when I brought my 18 month old daughter in with a fever of 104.5. She was so hot that when you touched her it would leave a mark. She had a bilateral ear infection. Well because of the marks on her they said she suffered from battered child syndrome. Xray’s were taken and there were no signs of past or present broken bones or fractures. They insisted that my kids were in eminent danger so they removed them. 5 months later after no evidence pertaining to the accusation, or charges ever being filed they gave my daughter back Christmas eve. My oldest child had been placed with his biological father in Killeen, TX. (which at the time my son was almost 4 yrs old and had only seen his father for periods totaling a week his whole life) and they said it would be a few weeks. Well when it came time for my son to come home his stepmother said she felt his life was in danger so they said I had to wait until my court hearing for the dismissal to get him back.In May, 10 months later, the dismissal hearing was held. I walked into the courtroom excited. I was finally going to have my son and daughter together again. Well it was an ambush. The DA and CPS said they will dismiss the case if I signed over my parental rights to my son. I refused and they said that they could remove my daughter again because they can prove emotional instability. I told them go right ahead and try it. I walked out, without ever seeing the judge and went straight to an attorney. I hired him on the spot and he started the paperwork. Well come to find out that since my son was born in the State of Oklahoma and had an open child support case there too, Texas had illegally removed a child that wasn’t a resident of Texas and didn’t file the correct paperwork. My attorney and I went to court, DA and CPS were there. The judge comes out calls my attorney and the DA into his chambers. After about 30 minutes of hell sitting in the courtroom with CPS (that tried to play buddy buddy) my attorney comes out smiling. The court papers state that my case is dismissed and that everything pertaining to this case, son included, be reverted back to the State of Oklahoma and their laws. And that this should have NEVER been brought to his court room in the first place.Case was far from over. When I went to get my son in Killeen, TX, his stepmother had gotten physical and almost broke my son’s arm. Police were called and they told his father and stepmother I had every right to be there and to leave with him. They refused, so I filed charges on them for parental interference of child custody. Bell County DA dropped the charges and told him to file for custody. When our custody hearing was set and all was through, he was awarded custody. I was never given a chance, all because I was a single parent, I was just married 5 days prior to the final hearing. I was awarded joint managing custody. The temp orders stated to meet half way in Ft Worth, TX, but his father thought that it wasn’t fair to him to have to drive that trip 2 times every other weekend. He had it changed that I will make the drive to Killeen and then he will pick him up when my weekend is over. The judge had also stipulated that any Mother/Child alienation would result in new custody orders.Well that was May of 07, here today my son still resides with his father. I can’t call and talk to my son without prior permission from his dad (if he even answers my calls) and if I am able to get a hold of him, they listen to our conversations. My son has to address his stepmother as mom or will be totally ignored. His fathers nephew had stayed with them for about 10 months, and during this time my son had repeatedly claimed of inappropriate touching. My son claims still that his stepmom hits him with shoes, belts, and other objects. I had called and filed a report with CPS here in Oklahoma about the abuse and touching, they referred the case to Texas CPS. Texas CPS said that everything seemed normal and that my son’s statement in Oklahoma wasn’t credible, so they dismissed the case. They took it like I was trying to gain custody of my son again and lying. Well I wasn’t, and neither is he. They won’t listen to the children that are in danger. My son is almost 9 years old now and when he is here he wishes he could stay here. My claims to CPS have always been on what my son has said, I never asked him to go further into detail with me or asked him anything there after, that is for CPS to do. His stepmother has called CPS twice this year on me. For the record, she will not exit her vehicle, nor has she ever stepped foot in my house. She falsely reports that my husband and I smoke marijuana and inappropriately discipline my other three children. Well this past week, a knock on my door, CPS.. Same old story, different worker. My husband and I volunteered to drug test right then and there, and told them that we follow state law on child discipline. I told the worker to get a hold of the previous worker for the history. This worker couldn’t believe what he was hearing. I told him after every extended visit (Christmas and summer) that they would receive a call. Well, so far no drug test and no further investigation. His stepmother wants to get my parental rights taken so she can adopt him. Also in the court papers it states that they are to give me 21 days notice before they take my son out of the country. Well I have never received notification and they have had plenty of trips it the middle of Mexico to visit her family. I refused to sign for a passport for him and soon he will not be able to go without one. Well guess what? She is getting her pilots license and they are planning to fly him there. Now tell me why is it when one parent is actually concerned about a child’s well being she gets looked down upon, but when some crazy woman repeatedly calls CPS and reports falsely they fly over here ready to knock heads. Oh and believe me I think Killeen Police are getting WAY tired of coming to her house every time I come to pick up my son. Yes, she calls says she fears for my son’s life and her own. And I have not yet had the pleasure of seeing the back side of their cars. I am not a violent person, but I can be a very protective parent. CPS needs to get a d**n grip on how they investigate and start listening to these children, if not it’s going to be more innocent little lives lost. Bell County Judges need to realize that not all fathers have been a father and still aren’t when they award custody to them. They just put the responsibility on their current wife and claim they have no say in anything..

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