cp nutritionals direct hanover PA Review


I read about CP Nutritionals prduct in a magazine artical. I wrote down the website for Longitudecapsules.com and read over the website. I had my doubts but, with a money back garentee I thought I had nothing to fear. After receiving the magical product and read the insturctions for “excersizes”” that were to be prformed along with the use of the produuct I knew I had been duped. No where in either the magazine or website were these “”exersizes”” mentioned. nI then tried to reach customer support but

to no supprize all that was supported was the taking of other misguided individuals. I was to dial a completely different phone number to cancel my order. I unlike others was able to get through to a represenitive and cancel my order. but on month later I have received another package from the company. Please contact me with any questions at (717) 630 0042 nJesse Myers”

scottsdale, Arizona U.S.A.


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By Ronald

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