Complaint: I want to warn that when you are dealing with the promises that covenant transportation promises you on the phone with your recruiter you had better get it in writing on company letterhead. I was told I would be reimbursed the money I had to pay to fly myself and my friend to Chattanooga TN. for orientation (over 520.00 dollars) as well as they would pay me 100.00 for attending orientation. I haven’t seen a dime of the money. Orientation started May 28th 2013. Where is the money now that orientation is over? I thought that their company was founded on christian values. What about the commandment not to bare false witness. I tried telephoning my recruiter and all I would ever get was an answering machine with no call back. I emailed her (Kathy Davis) and no reply. I even went to her office and was told she was in a meeting and I told them I would wait. Finally I was told by her supervisor that she could not talk to me because he had her doing other more important things and I would have to leave or he would have me escorted out by security. I was not yelling, nor threatning, nor intimidating. All I wanted was what promised me. Maybe there are others who have been treated fairly by this company but I unfortunately was not. It is nice to have a prayer to begin orientation but if it isn’t backed upped by living the principles taught in the scriptures what good does it really do for those who are being prayed for?

Tags: Work Place Bullies

Address: 400 Birmingham Hwy. Chattanooga, Select State/Province USA


Phone: (423) 821-1212

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