Coutry Spice Catering Company Grand Ledge, MI Michigan


Complaint: Brian Morse provided service details in writing as requested, and we paid him weeks ahead the amount which was agreed upon, in full,Many of our guests ate nothing because Brian Morse did not bring enough food. The food which he did bring was not the food whch we had agreed would be provided. In fact, one dish which was provided had been specifically blascklisted per our agreement for the reason that an ingredient was known to cause a sever, sometimes fatal, allergic reaction for both adult and children members of our family.We’ve attempted to contact Country Spice Catring by telephone, E-Mail, and Certified post. The company has not responded. We anticipate that official court summons to apear may be more effective.Shame on you Brian Morse of Country Spice Catering.

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Address: 8754 North Smith Road Henderson, Michigan United States of America


Phone: 877-723-7001

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