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I met my husband rich in the fall of 2011. When I met him he was recently divorced from his ex wife because she cheated on him numerous times, she would lie and say she had to go to the doctor and have her at the time mother in law watch their five children while she was actually out cheating on him. He found out packed his things and left. She didn’t want him to go. || Well we met well over a year later. Needless to say she was not happy about it. I was younger skinnier and looked better also had more positive things going on in my life. She tried to recruit old friends of mine and family members of Rich’s to dig into my business and my past. Not much to find so they started to make up stories about me. Me and rich got married April 15 2012. At the time I was pregnant with our first child together. The day before we were to get married Courtney called to say her son was sick and in the er so of course he went up there. To his surprise just a simple case of stomach flu but in all reality she brought him there and tried to get him to come home with her and sleep with him. He declined and that made her even more determined to ruin our lives. She went as far as trying to show up at our wedding but she couldn’t find out where we were having it! Things only went downhill from there. She lied and lied to my husband’s family to the point they started believing her and turned against us. She got married to a guy she was having a fling with just to one up Rich and I. She did it on her youngest sons birthday. The harassment was non stop and she constantly made up stories about trying to hook up with him and that when I wasn’t around she would drop off her kids and hug and kiss my husband while all along she is supposed to be married. None of it was true. She had his family members try to convince him to leave me and go back to her. Rich and I had our daughter. || I decided to try to make peace with her and allowed her to call me to”talk” she pretty much called to get info out of me to spread rumors throughout my family. She is just a relentless homewrecking whore. Plain and simple. Rich and I have been together 5 years now and she still harasses us both to the point there is a restraining order. She still sends my stepson here to say she misses him and wants him home. She loves to send me messages that I need to respect him and hold him tight because someone else will step in if I don’t. Or that if she wanted him back she would have him back. Obviously she does want him back but he is still happily home with us! And she is repeating her old home wrecking ways sleeping around on her husband and trying to be with men who are happily married.

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By Ronald

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