Countrywide Auto Transport Ft. Gibson Oklahoma


Complaint: I have a HotShot company based out of Oklahoma. I’ve dealt with Countrywide twice. The first time we were to be paid by Comchek at PICK UP. I faxed them everything they required including our W-9 (which is posted on but I was told to send it with the invoice anyway, so I did) I immediately was put off by Al, then when I couldn’t get ahold of him, I would leave messages for Katy because I was told that Katy or Al were the only ones that could give me a Comchek #. No response from her either. After 2 weeks I finally talked to Al and he said he would fax me the Comchek #. He didn’t! I couldn’t get ahold of Al for several days after that, by this time, I’m not very happy! He told my husband that they never received our W-9 (which by this time I’ve faxed it 3 times) I informed Al of this and he in so many words called me a liar. We said that we understood why they have an awful rating on CentralDispatch and his exact words were “CentralDispatch ratings are bullshit and that he was in no hurry to pay people like us””. I asked what he meant by that and he said people that are trying to avoid paying their taxes by not giving them their W-9. He hung up on us and we called right back and got ahold of Shane in Dispatch. My husband asked if he was proud to work for someone that didn’t pay their bills and asked if he got paid for the work he did for them. He said he did. Then my husband said ok

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Address: if you work all week and are to be paid on Friday and they say I’ll pay you Monday then Monday they say I’ll pay you next Monday

Website: he decided to help us and by the end of the day

Phone: how are you gonna feel? He said I’d be pissed. My husband said that’s exactly my situation. We did what we said we would do

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