Country Inn & Suites Ogalala Nebraska Review


When we spent the night at this hotel we had no idea why this place is like it is. Now we know. This is for all you people who think your room is clean. First, the people who work in hotels are paid very little. As a result, they do not care if you get sick, catch a disease, sleep on used sheets (why change them if they do not have any squirt on them?) drink out of glasses that are dirty but look clean, talk on a phone that has hundreds of ears and mouths placed on it. So who is responsible? The CEO and over paid management is behind all of it! So when you b***h and moan that your food smells, the sheets stink, the room smells like someone’s butt crack, take heart, the employees do not give a care. So you pay a hundred dollars a night? Too bad looser., you just help pad the pockets of pen pushing, retired business people, and other investors who want to only get richer! In fact one business owner from Nebraska paid 6.5 million dollars for a local hotel right here in Stinkin Lincoln. The he cut the managers pay by 20%, cut ALL health insurance, took all sick leave and vacation time and will not pay a decent dignified wage. As of this week, one maid was terminated for stealing money from guest rooms, another fell and broke her hip. Two others quit, and the manager resigned. They now have a full booked hotel, with almost NO EMPLOYEES! The kitchen help they hired is a b***h from hell who yells at the customers, GOOD MORNING! CAN I HELP YOU FIND ANYTHING! THANK YOU! HAVE A NICE DAY! All in a voice the is best at a rock concert not at a dinner or lunch! The owner continues to make money off you schmucks and that is all that is important. But he will make no more off of us.

5300 N 27 Lincoln, Nebraska United States of America


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By Ronald

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