Counselor Realty, Inc. Centerville Minnesota Review


We attempted to purchase a home from a seller that was using this real estate agency. We made a good offer to the seller late on a Sunday night. The seller was informed and verbally accepted our offer.Counselor Realty had a client that was interested in the home, so even though our offer had been accepted they presented their offer the following morning. Keep in mind that the seller and buyer were both going through the same realtor. The two offers were the same and Councelor Realty got the seller to withdraw the offer to us. Understandably, this is no doubt legal, but certainly shady and immoral. The seller decided to have us both bid our highest and best offers. We decided we liked the home enough to up our offer. Counselor Realty at this point would always know our bid and could advise their client how to bid to beat our price. In the end we lost the home with a reason that “they wanted to keep the sale in house””. Of course they did

so they could keep all of the commision.I feel this company has no moral standards and i question the legality of their actions. I would not use this company if you want to avoid underhanded tactics. How can a company look out for a buyer and sellers best interests at the same time?”

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By Ronald

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