Complaint: Let me make a long story as short as possible. My ex husband wrecked my car and I had to have it towed off of the slab of concrete he had it stuck on. The car did nothing but drag and I’m talking literal sparks. As soon as the tow truck set my car on the road, I had no gears but 2nd and reverse. I took my car to a mechanic. On the way there, I got all my gears back and then lost them again. The mechanic found nothing wrong with my car and it happened again. This time I took it to da da da dum, Cottman Transmission. I told them I thought the problem was an electrical problem inside the tranny considering I had no gears besides 2nd and then all of them back again and then lost again. He said no problem, we can fix it. Two weeks later, they called and said the problem was a $350.00 valve inside the tranny. Great. They called back after installing that and decided that it WASNT that valve afterall but that i needed an entire new transmission because mine was ” All burnt

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Address: falling apart

Website: I dont know

Phone: metal pieces in there.”” I asked the guy that called me why they didnt notice this the FIRST time that they got in there and put the valve in that the whole thing was falling apart

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