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I am writing to formally outline my concerns regarding the advertising of cottage #425 on Steenburg Lake which we rented for $2800 for a one week period in July of 2017. I am concerned that this cottage is falsely advertised as a property that provides “luxury for the whole family”. I concede that there are many finishes in the cottage on the upper level that are well appointed and welcoming, however the fact that the cottage is still under renovation on both the upper and lower floors is not disclosed in the cottage profile, and hardly provides luxury for the whole family. When eight of ten guests are required to sleep on the lower level which consists of unfinished stairs, bathrooms, bedrooms and concrete flooring throughout, clearly this is not a luxurious accommodation for the whole family. When the concerns were first reported to the business owner by phone on the evening of Saturday, July 8, he said that the cottage had been under construction but that it was to be finished in time for rental season. [continued below]…. | Also of concern is the fact that the cottage was left in unsanitary condition. All floors upper and lower level were very dirty – clearly floors had not been washed, carpets/rugs had not been vacuumed and furniture was coated in dust and dirt. Window sills and some flooring on the upper level were covered in dead flies. The kitchen counters had food crumbs and hardened sugar on them, and the sinks had food left in the drain baskets. I spent upwards of five hours cleaning the cottage throughout the week, in order that we could be somewhat comfortable there, and so that future renters would not walk into a mess as we did upon arrival. Two of our party have significant dust allergies and as such, the basement accommodation with its particularly dirty and dusty floors created breathing problems for them. For all of this discomfort and work the company refunded me a mere $150. Please see the itemized list below which outlines each specific concern regarding this “luxury” property: Claimed to contain two showers, only one was completed, basement was very cold and damp throughout the week, so damp that the floor of the washroom with the one operating shower was not dry throughout the week, and all clothes of guests staying on lower level had musty smell to them, washer and dryer were claimed to be on site – dryer was not hooked up, hot water tank ran out after one shower – we had to wait up to two hours to have hot water restored to wash dishes – half of our party ended up needing to use the lake as a means of washing due to limited access to the one washroom and the limited amount of hot water. In addition, the cottage has many unfinished sections. On the upper level: 2 piece bath on upper level had three of four walls with studs (no drywall), unfinished area next to master bedroom (concrete floor and unfinished closet), make shift step of two loose pieces of wood down to front entrance of cottage from master bedroom closet area. On the lower level: basement stairs and surrounding walls unfinished, no flooring in basement other than concrete floor, unfinished second bath with construction materials left in shower area and unfinished floor, bedroom with Queen sized bed unfinished with concrete floors and unfinished closet containing stacked packages of flooring yet to be installed, concrete flooring throughout the basement was covered in dirt and dust and was very cold to the touch. At the very least, the business owner should be describing this cottage as being under renovation.


Name: CottageRentals247.Com

Country: Canada


City: Bancroft, Ontario

Address: 73 Hastings St N

Phone: 613-332-3340


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