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I have ordered goods, clothing, etc on the web and have never had a problem. This transaction with Costume Craze now makes me pause and reconsider ever doing something like this again with any company ever. n I placed an order for Halloween items on October 14th. I made sure to order only items “in stock”” . I only picked the sure things and ordered them. My credit card was charged immediately. I opened an online custome service acct. to check the packing status and 2 days later was told all had shipped. YAY. The live Customer Service is very difficult to reach but I figured that this is their busy season. nTen (10) days later I still had not received the package so I called again and could not reach anyone after 20 minutes so I left a message for a call back. NoCall. The next day I checked and noticed that there was a packing slip that went out on 10/24 in the evening just after I called and I would get delivery on 10/31/11 before the end of the day.n nI immediately called and also sent an email stating that this was unacceptable as we had contests and parades the weekend prior to Halloween. No response. I went on line to the””Help Line”” where I finally spoke with “”Tiffany”” and explained the dilemma. Really questionable customer service w snide comments. She finally said that since it was their error that she would air ship another pkg.(minus one costume that was out of stock)

I agreed to this and said I would return/refuse the original late shipment. nThat afternoon I purchased the additonal custome that was now unavailabe in the new shipment and got it on ebay … As of today

the day of the festivities

I have the one costume from E-bay that matches all the others that do not have fromCostume Craze. UPS in my area is closed for the weekend and we are not going to the parade. nI have known that this day was coming but I still cannot believe it. All the work


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