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Listen to me now and believe later. There is absolutely no such thing as any kind of Warranty with costa glasses. If you see a review by someone who says they received new glasses from the warranty it was likely when Costa first started up, they work for Costa or have stock in it. I know a lot people who own them including myself and no one has ever gotten anything repaired for nothing. I have a $248 pair of glasses and scratched the lens. $11.95 to ship for repairs. Warranty does not and will apply for that ever. Donu2019t think it will. $79 for new lens plus 11.95. 1 year later the frames are loose. Iu2019m thinking this is a defect and should definitely be covered. Nope! $49.00 plus another 11.95. They claimed it wasnu2019t covered because of wear and tear. So I called and said ok lens scratched my fault. Fames loose manufacturer issue. Lady says we will replace the frame the same lens for $22 plus the $11.95. I said what about the Life Warranty I read that when I bought these expensive glasses, apparently thatu2019s a lie. She says ok I will replace the frame for $10 plus the 11.95 frustrated I gave up an agreed. Still cost me 22.95. bottom line I own almost a $400 pair of sunglasses now. So I am warning you all don’t think the warranty will cover anything for free ever. Bait and switch American Greed 101 with Costa

2361 Mason Avenue, Suite 100 Daytona Beach, FL 32117, Florida United States


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By Ronald

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