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Cory Monroe is the first person I was ever with. He was abusive and manipulative and I didn’t know what a normal relationship was. I didn’t have any friends or proper guidance for parenting. We met as teens and had a daughter together. When I got pregnant, he left for another girl. Cut me out completely and said he doesn’t want anything to do with me or the baby. || He had this girl move in with him during the whole nine months of my pregnancy. After I gave birth, he dumped the girl, kicked her out and begged for me back. He didn’t find out about his daughters birth until three days later. Like a young dumb idiot I went back, only to be in an abuse cycle all over again. I hadn’t ever been with another man so I didn’t know what it was like to be treated right. || Well, one night we got in an argument. He accused me of cheating and I told him he was crazy. He beat the living crap out of me. In front of my baby who was only 2 months old at the time. It turned out this guy was the one cheating. || During the time I was with him, he admitted all this sick shit he did with the girl that was living with him. I was completely shaken and scared when he was saying these things. He told me he put his fist in her to make her ‘lose’ just to dehumanize her. (removed) He also was showing me knives he would use to kill me if I left him. He also beat on his mom who still currently takes care of him. || There is so much more abuse that I put up from this fool. I can’t believe how stupid I was. I had such low self esteem. He also made a fake dummy of me when we were together. It was made out of a pillow, my clothes, and my perfume all over it. Not to mention, the pillow also had a hole between the legs of the dummy he made. He would use this dummy for when I wasn’t around. This guy was completely obsessed. He is into sadism. One time his mom bought a sausage(not sure which kind, but it was three inches thick) and he stole it out of the fridge stuck this up his asshole. I took it as another fetish. He liked dominating himself. His mom later asked where it went and he told her he ate it. (No, it was wrapped in toilet paper in the garbage) || I haven’t heard from this guy in over four years. I’m now married with two more children and have an amazing husband who would never lay his hands on me or cheat. He is the definition of perfect to me. I know what real love is suppose to feel like. || I wish I could tell more about would happened but it’s too much to write. I’d have to start a blog, which I don’t want to do. The last thing I wanna blog about is this sadistic fuck! || As far as I know, this guy works at (removed) since he was a teen (yes I know, with a bunch of kids! Yuck), doesn’t have a car, lives with his mom who takes care of him and pays his phone bill. || I wrote about this man cough I mean loser because he is very dangerous. I have a PPO against him. His family still see my daughter because I have allowed it. He doesn’t want to know anything about his daughter whatsoever! It’s not so much the cheating you should worry about. It’s the fact that he gets a high off or ruining your life. He doesn’t like if you’re doing better than him. If you’re attractive, he’ll beat you up for putting on make up. He hates himself and has severe low self esteem as well. I am so thankful I got out of this alive. I am putting a warning label on this guy, to please steer clear! He is dangerous, and will not only harm you, but your loved ones who also try and protect you from him.

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By Ronald

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