Corre J. Bentley – Gadsten, Alabama Alabama


Let’s see where do we begin again with this man…. His full name is Corre Jerome Bentley… He is a liar, a manipulator, a scam artist, and a cheater on one or more occasions. He will tell you that he is head over heels for you and he will take avenge of you to the fullest extent of your being. He can’t keep a relationship steady and that’s a downright shame. He does have a child by one person that we know of. He will brainwash you and he will tell you that you are the world and you were the only person that he wants to be with… meanwhile he’s talking to his exes. He has come into families lives saying that he wants to marry people and then he’ll walk out. He cannot keep a job so he will use you for your money leaving you flat broke and then saying ” I told you not to spend money on me.” Or leaving you pregnant and going with somebody else. He is a very good con artist. He also says he’s an MMA fighter LMFAO and has all the sponsors and yet he is good at fighting in the cage but he doesn’t put forth the effort in training and uses people to get into the gym to train. I don’t really want to Bash on him too much because he does have a good heart… he’s just very manipulative. He uses people for money and for security. He takes somebody and mentally and emotionally breaks them down.

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By Ronald

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