Cornerstone Apartments Las Vegas Nevada


Complaint: I was in a rush when I found this apartment. I was told by the manager that I could move in immediately but that was not the case. I had to wait three days to get my key I had to pay for a storage place to keep stuff for three days and rent another truck. I asked the manager could I get my money back since the apartment was not ready like they promised and she was very rude and told me I would loose my deposit, my dog deposit and my move in deposit and rent. Wow tomake it even more terrible I was told that this was a dog friendly coomunity and that bags for cleaning up after your pet was located all around the property which was one of my top 3 things I was looking for when searching for a place. When they finally called me to come get the key @ 4 pm in the afternoon I had my doggie with me which they knew I paid a dposit for the dog. Was told that they do not provide bags and that the manager did not know they stopped giving out bags over two years ago wow. I moved in to a place with no air I moved in on December 1,2012 I just got my air fixed on 05/15/2013. I came home one day to find a man with a gun running past me coome to find out it was a murder in building and the guy was running from the police. Then my refrigarator stopped working I called maintance to tell them I had just went grocery shopping and i needed to put my food in a place so it woyuld not spoil. Well 2 days later and all my food gone bad they decided to show up at midnight to tell push a reset button on another power socket in another room and that would boost the power back to the refridgarator which it did but how was I to know that? The maintance man was upset , rude because he was at the casino gambling and winning and had to leave his machine he explained to me. Wow. Then I had a maintance come up to chaulk my shelves due to the infestation of cockroaches and he stole my debit card I left on the television and had the nerve to try to use it at the 7-11 across the street. Wow and then was told by Diane when I complained about the gritty water in my faucet and the abnormal color of my water she told me to call the water people it was not their problem and she can not do any thing for all of us who have called about the water situation. Then last but not least was called a stupid NI**ER BI**H when Diane thought I hung up the phone. They block my calls so I can not call office and was told that I have to go in person and give them a my rent I can not send any one in there and that I could not give a notice any other way but by person . I explained that I work seven days a week and was told by Diane that I need to call off every onth on the first or be late for work so I can come pay rent or anything welse for that matter . This company is a rip off cause they are now trying to say I did not pay for a dog deposit and I have all my receipts these people are a rip off this property is Ghetto and their employees are so desperate to get tenenats they lie. I have neighbors who are infesteed with yellow bark scorpians wow imagine that. Dont rent here my fellow humans this place is awful .

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Address: 6666 washington blvd las vegas, Nevada USA


Phone: 7028770111

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