Corinthian Furniture Review


Purchased 2 pieces of furniture from the Navy Exchange 2 years ago. By the first year, one of the seats had deflated and left a large dent. After calling the store, I was informed that it was over the 1 year warranty and needed to fix it myself. I was told that I should have bought insurance for it…but it was a manual recliner and not electrical! I then proceeded to sit on the other seat…and 2 years later, I have 2 large indents on my sofa. I am not a Jolly Green Giant! I am 5’2″ and 133 lbs. It is quite obvious that the cushion material used is inferior. i am not stuck with 2 crappy pieces of furniture and am just pissed! It took me awhile to save for it and looked forward to having new furniture. And…I ended up with a lemon that I am stuck with since there seems to be NO recourse. | Do NOT purchase from this manufacturer since their products are obviously poor quality.


Name: Corinthian Furniture

Country: United States

State: Mississippi

City: Corinth

Address: 41 Henson Rd

Phone: 662-287-7835


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By Ronald

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