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I had received an advertising card in the mail back in April 2016 from Core Advisory. I called | and askede many questions on how the program worked. I waited for a few months until I finally spoke with | Brian Boozer about my situation. He explained how these mortgage companies work and that they | are not trying to work with me just igoring my requests. I agreed to work with Core Advisory once I received the funds to | begin, which I was told $1500 + $125 for notary (by Robin Shephard). Well, I received a notice in the mail from a few investors that my house was up for foreclosure on Oct 4, 2016. I immediately called Robin Shephard on Sept. 5th to go ahead and start the process. She then stated that the price would be $4270 because I began the process late, which in turn, shocked me because of the sudden price increase. So, she arraigned for a notary to come to my house so that I can sign some paerwork. I thought it was strange that the paperwork was 2 pages and that the notary didn’t stamp the seal in front of me. But, since I was desperate for someone to help me, I wrote Core Advisory 5 checks: $1500 up front, $125 (notary), and 3 post dated checks, $795, $925, and $925. After I paid, I waited for a few days and then I received an email from Tracey Hamm at the Advocacy Resolution Dept. | I was instructed to send 3 complaint letters: one for my local Congressman, one for Carrington Mortgage, | and one for HUD via certified mail. I received a response from Carrington and they stated that the letter | they received was a “cookie cutter” letter copied from the internet. I also received a letter from the | Texas Dept. of Savings and Mortgage Lending stating that Core Advisory was practicing illegally in the | state of Texas and that there was a cease and desist order on Nov. 2015. I called them and yes, they told | me that Core Advisory should not be practicing in the state of Texas, nor try to gain any clients for business. | This caught my attention and I did my research and found information pertaining to this matter.I was then | contacted by phone from Bob Allum on Sept. 30th and he told me that he needed my permission to speak | with a representative from Carrington Mortgage about my foreclosure date. He then called me back later | that day and told me there was some confusion with the mortgage company and the foreclosure attorney | about the forclosure sale date. On October 3rd Bob and I spoke again and this time we were on 3 way | with the attorney and Carrington. The attorney then explained that the sale date was for Nov. 1st and not | Oct. 4th which is what I could of done on my own if I did more research. It seems that nothing is being done | and that I have to call all the time to get an answer. Most of the time no one seems to answer their phone. | Only when I leave a voicemail they would call back days later. All I want is a refund of $1500 that Core Advisory took from me and for other people to be aware of Core Advisory.


Name: CORE Advisory Group

Country: United States

State: California

City: Newport Beach

Address: 4590 MacArthur Blvd #500-26

Phone: 1-877-242-5699


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