Coral Sands Resort, HH Island,SC TOMS RIVER New Jersey Review


Two years ago while staying at our long owned timeshare in HH Island we were approached by a man on this property from Coral Sands. He seemed friendly and non threatening and he asked if we were owners here. We said yes, we come every year and have No complaints with Players Club. It is clean, friendly, and the maintenance fees so affordable. I did mention that we owned a Wyndham and the maintenance fees were quite expensive. He said we should talk and that Coral Sands could sell our Wyndham and that Coral Sands Maintenance was only $400.00 and was great for trading without fees. Sounded too good to be true. It Was!! WE listened to the fast talkers but then another gentleman came to the table and assured us this trade and sale of Wyndham would take the same time, about 90 days. I recall not wanting to sign a few lines on the contract and was intimidated into putting down my initials. Big mistake but I believed in honesty and never dreamed such a scam. The pmt. due came within 30 days, not 90. I called and was greeted with a rude individual who more or less said too bad, you signed and are responsible for pmt. I began paying the bill and extravagant interest. Every month I called to see where the check was for selling the other timeshare. It never came. The third lie came true when the maintenance fee came. The $400.00 fee was $1000.00, more then Wyndham and in order to use this timeshare in different places, a big exchange fee was charged, another lie. How are these people not in jail is beyond me. We are back in Hilton Head and I am going there to see if they can answer the last lie. I was told we would receive a form to rent or use the unit. Never received that form so renting it is not an option I guess. I’m hoping there are many unsuspecting people there and I can prevent others from this scam. I want answers face to face!! Thanks for letting me vent. I just sent this info to an attorney. Maybe there can be a class action suit and at least we can recoup some of our losses.

2518 Momentum Place, Chicago ,IL60698 HH Island, South Carolina USA


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