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I rented high end demo skis from Copper Mountain directly. I paid over $70 to rent them for the day. When I checked out the skis, the woman was great. However, we did not lookover the current wear and tear of the skis and there was no mention about it. | When I returned the skis, the customer service person went over the bottom of the skis as if to FIND something, anything to ding me for. I’ve rented demos everywhere I ski and this was the first time someone did this. She then told me there might be some damage to the bottom of the skis and she would need to take them in the back to find out | The guy next to me asked if she was serious!?!? We couldn’t see anything but normal small lines/scratches. Something in me definitely didn’t feel right. She came back and sure enough she said there was damage I would be charged for. I asked to speak to a manager and she was gone for 10-15 minutes and came back and told me everything was cool and I could go. I was very relieved and thanked her before I left. | I really felt like I dodged a bullet. BUT… | A couple of hours later I received this email: | Hi Michael, | Thank you for renting from us today. As you are aware the equipment that you returned came back with some damage caused by rocks or some other type of rubble that was encountered out on the hill. I’ve checked the skis records to see how often the skis have been rented out and when they were last tuned. It looks like the skis were tuned on January 26th and the last time they were rented out was on January 24th. We’ve had some down time over the last few weeks and maintaining the skis/s****.>


Name: Copper Mountain Resort

Country: United States

State: Colorado

City: Frisco

Address: Address: 209 Ten Mile Cir

Phone: 866-841-2481


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