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Ace air sold me a new air conditioning unit in January 2011 and unit is so noisy it wakes me up at night,vibrates the walls and cealing and scares my cat. I have tried to get them to fix this problem several times with no success. They seemed so friendly when they first sold me the unit but now I’m just a bother to them when I call to complain about it. It seems as if they hope I’ll just learn to live with it. They sent a tech out twice, once they installed rubber spacers,no help, then they had a tech do a Post installation inspection. The tech said it was installed properly and that yes it is very noisey but they would not do anything about it. The real bad part is that I complained to the BBB about it. Ace air sent them a letter that the problem was resolved when they installed those rubber spacers. When those spacers did not help at all and I told both techs when they left to inform their boss that the problem was not at all resolved. The unit that this new one replaced was 33 years old, was noisy, but the new one is about 5 times noisier than it was. That’s it so far and no resolution in sight.

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