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This company offered me a loan, They said I had to give them my online bank login and password so they could deposit money into my account, | what legit company askes you for your bank login in and password? | They wanted to give me $2500.00 loan but said they needed to test to make sure my info was correct etc. they wanted to put $935.00 into my account and then wanted me to send the money back to them within a hour only using western union or money gram. Once the $935.00 was sent back they would deposit the $2500.00 (oh btw they said I could do any amount upto $20000.00) | They sent two non vaild checks to my bank. The checks were from a payroll company that had a differnt company name on them. Of couse my wonderful bank rejected the checks and blocked my account. | what legit loan company sends payroll checks to you? | they were trying to send me 2 checks that totaled $935.00 and i had to return the money within a hour only using western union or money gram and then these two check would never clear and i would have been out $935.00 | I called them back and told them my bank rejected the checks and the loan guy Peter Black got mad that I talked to my bank about the issue. He watned to know why I told them and his words were “did i tell you to do that” | I know his real name is not Peter Black because he has a very heavy indian accent.

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