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In December of 2004, I have won a mini-vacation in Las Vegas, NV. Per terms and conditions of this vacation, we were suppose to attend a 90 minutes presentation for the new resort that was being built on the strip. My husband and I have attended the presentation and informed the salesman we were not going to buy any timeshares. But they were very pushy and kept telling us what a great deal we are missing out on and how many free vacations we will get in addition to this deal. Well before we knew what was going on, we were taken to the other room to sign papers. To get us sign the agreement, they told us that we are going to get additional six vacations for free, and we will also get 50% discounts on the hotels everywhere we go, because they are worldwide and have contracts with other hotels. We can also trade our week for another resort worldwide. We asked if there are additional fees involved and were assured that all this luxury comes with the timeshare. We did not need to pay extra if we want to trade our week. We were also told that we can rent our timeshare for average income of $1,200 per week, but for certain weeks it could be as high as $12,000. Neither I nor my husband spoke great English, as it is third language for both of us. We were not allowed any time to review the papers before we have signed and were not given a copy of papers, as they were suppose to arrive in the mail. Even after, we have received the papers, I do not understand everything in them, as it is written in the legal language, which is not very familiar to me. Several months later, I have found out that not only I need to pay annual membership to be able to trade my timeshare, but also a trade fee. The 50% off price for the hotels ended up being a lot higher than I can get on Expedia, Hotwire, Priceline or other websites. So I have paid 30,000 for the timeshare, $595 annual maintenance fee (that went to $625 after two years) plus I need to pay the membership for Interval International. The sad part is I have never got to enjoy this timeshare and with bad economy I have lost my income. We are on one income, barely making mortgage payments, and with four kids under age 10. Because of unbelievably tight budget we did not get our children Christmas presents or Birthday gifts. Nevertheless, on Christmas Eve, Consolidated Resort called wanted us to pay the maintenance fee. I have explained to them that my budget is so tight, even my kids did not get Christmas gifts. Of course, they threatened us with foreclosure. I didnt even know they could foreclose, since we have paid in full. I am very interested in talking to a lawyer about this. I want to know if there is anything we can do to get at least part of our money back. The amount I have spent for this timeshare equals to my annual income nowadays and I have to save every penny to buy food and necessities for my children.

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